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Brio bake house

Simply White Bread Soft, timeless favourite for great sandwiches “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Wholewheat Bread A high fiber, low salt bread for a healthy lifestyle “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Nutritious Grain & Seed Bread Rich in Dietary fibre, & a source of protein “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Oats & Flaxseed Bread Source of beta-glucan (Cholesterol regulator)
Vitamin B1, B6, Omega-3 fatty acids
“Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Spicy Jalapeno Bread Rich in Vitamin C, and B6 “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Date & Raisin Bread Naturally sweet, packed with antioxidants and minerals “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Chocolate Bread “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian

Rich, indulgent, & made with
real chocolate chips
Milk Buns “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian

Feather soft buns made with real milk
Vanilla Muffins “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Palm Oil
Low in Fat
100% Vegetarian

Sweet & fluffy mini treats
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian

Oats & Honey Cookies “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” High fiber, tea-time treat with real oats
Choc Chip Cookies “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian

Decadent dessert made with chunky choc chips
Spicy Delight Wholewheat Flat Bread Rich in Vitamin C & B6 “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
No Baking Soda
100% Vegetarian

Bread Crumbs “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being” A low fat crunchy food coating No Sugar Added
No Palm Oil
100% Vegetarian
Vegan Friendly

Healthy & Tasty Recipes Browse “Premium Quality Products for Health and Well-being”

We are

We are the creators of unique Café Style bakery products. Café style breads are manufactured without adding sugar, trans fats, colors, flavours & palm oil.ibebet betdeluxe sign up bonus at https://ibebet.com/au/review/betdeluxe/

Our Café Style breads are 100% Vegetarian and suitable for Vegans. Our Café Style treats are 100% vegetarian.

We are passionate and pride ourselves in the care and effort we put into creating fresh and tasty products, which are also nutritious.

We are a consumer insight driven company.  Our manufacturing processes from start to finish ensure our customers receive
consistent and high quality bakery products each day.

We empower members of our local community through employment and training.

Best breads in the town. No Sugar, No Colours, No Preservatives. Unique breads like Spicy Jalapeno, Dates and Raising, Grain and Flaxseed, etc. Spicy Flat Bread and Vanilla Muffins are the best.

Guru Murty

First of all. I would like to Thank you for such an amazing bread. I tried your Spicy Jalapeno Bread. It tasted so good. I think the search for a good bread ends here. Would love to visit your store and explore all varieties you make.


Sundeep Pawar

Been buying breads from Brio for the past year and I absolutely love it because it doesn’t have any added sugar or preservatives, so I am assured that I’m eating the best bread available in the market. A few of my other personal favourites are the banana bread , muffins and pizza. Perfect for my evening snack ! Do try this place out.. you will not be disappointed!

Bhavna Rao

Their jalapeño bread, banana bread, wheat pizza are my all time favourite. In fact, everything in there tastes real good and are real fresh!

Meghana M.H

My family has now standardised on these breads. These definitely a healthier choice because these breads don’t have that extra softeners which comes from added butter or hydrogenated oil.. I lied their oats/ flax seed bread. These breads are costlier by Rs.10, but it is worth it !!

Manjunath Hegde

One of the best bakers in the locality… very healthy and the range they have is absolutely brilliant… if any one is looking for an healthy alternative for breads this is the place..

Vishwanath Bilvanth

Loved most of the Products from Brio Bakery Specially Breads, The Taste Texture and Price everything is perfect. I Highly recommend as it is With No Preservatives and Dalda. Kudos to the Team.

Smitha Yadhav

Been buying bread from here for the past couple of years, their products are always fresh and tasty. There is both quality and taste, so its amazing, the owners/staff are humble. Recently I was given a sample of their Choco-chip cookies, one word – AMAZING

Pavan B

The smell of freshly baked bread is what first got my attention, i walked up to the window of this cuite little shop and i was greeted by this plesent gentleman, i got some bread and rusks, they were delicious and very well made, healthy too. you could tell the difference of the quality from other local mass produced breads, and affordable price, value for money.

Sumit Prakash


Found this bakery while walking on the road and glad I did! Loved the Spicy Jalepno bread. Lots of care is taken to ensure that the environment where it is baked is hygienic and healthy. Recommend 💯

Anusha Vimalaksha


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