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Why is Brio’s bread slice bigger than my toaster?

We are committed to the safety of our consumers.

We designed each slice to be taller and bigger than the toaster to ensure it is safe and easy to take it out of the toaster without burning your fingers! 🙂

Are Brio’s products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Our products are 100% Vegetarian.

Our Café Style breads except Spicy Delight Wholemeal Flat Bread, are suitable for Vegans.

They do not contain dairy, egg, honey or any other ingredients that are derived from animal source.

How should I store Brio’s products?

We recommend storing our products in a cool, dry place, away from light and source of heat.

We suggest closing the bread bags properly once opened and used for product freshness and softness, as well as to avoid microbial spoilage.

Can I refrigerate Brio’s products?

All our products, especially breads can be refrigerated at 1°C – 4 °C up to 2 weeks.

As our breads do not contain hydrogenated fats, palm oil or such fat derivatives, it is perfectly fine to store them in a refrigerator

Can I freeze Brio’s products?

All our products can be frozen for up to 3 months at a temperature below -18°C. Breads can be taken directly from freezer to toaster, however to enjoy the freshness of the bread, defrost them before toasting.

Why do you need salt in bread?

Salt is an essential ingredient for bread baking as it adds flavour, helps to control yeast activity during fermentation. Our formulations and production methods mean that salt can be kept to minimum without affecting taste

Do you use palm oil or hydrogenated fats in baking your products?

We at Brio Bakehouse are committed to health and well-being of our consumers. Our products are completely free of hydrogenated fats and palm oil. We use vegetable oil in small quantity, mainly as a processing aid. 

Our modern technology led production method allows us to bake breads that do not need oil as a softner! 🙂

Do you bake Gluten-free products?

No.  Currently we make the products, which contain gluten.  

Is your packaging recyclable?

We believe the environment is very important and it is everyone’s responsibility to respect and take care of its health.

Currently we use food grade recyclable packaging material. We will strive to find suitable, environmentally friendly and product specific packaging for our products

Can I buy your products directly from Brio Bakehouse?

Most certainly you can! 🙂 . We invite you to come and visit our bakery and smell the fresh aroma of bakery products

Can I buy your products outside of Bangalore?

Currently our products are delivered direct to stores of urban Bangalore each day by our own delivery staff in our own vans.

We are exploring possibilities to supply our products to other parts of Karnataka.

How do I provide you my feedback?

Visit our website www.briobakehouse.com and click feedback button. You can visit us via google maps and post your reviews and feedback or contact us via our email, info@briobakehouse.com


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