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Don’t bore your guests with scones and muffins instead give them a choice of guilt free treat a healthy tasty tea sandwich.

Tea sandwiches are nothing but bite size sandwiches which can be had in two or three bites and is comfortable to eat and serve.

Our todays special is Mix veg Grilled Tea Sandwich with Nutritious grain and seed bread

Mix veg Grilled Tea SandwichProcedure 

  • In a large mixing bowl based on the preferences
  •  add finely chopped onions
  • add Finely chopped capsicums
  • add  Finely chopped tomatos
  • add Finely chopped green chillies
  • add Boiled and mashed potato
  • add Boiled corn
  • add finely chopped fresh Coriander
  • add Salt
  • add ¼ tea spoon dry mango
  • add ¼ tea spoon Chaat masala
  • add ¼ tea spoon Black pepper powder
  • add 1.5 tablespoon Veg Mayo
  • Mix thoroughly with the spoon


Take two slices of nutritious grain and seed bread take generous amount of stuffing’s and smear on both the slices of bread place a slice of cheese in between the stuffed bread slices and create a perfect sandwich, now apply butter on either side of the sandwich and grill it or place it on tawa and heat it on either side until done

Now place it on a board and cut them in to bite size pieces and ta-da your healthy quick appetizer is ready to be served with your favourite cuppa!


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.