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If you’re looking to find out what is the most memorable written essay in US history, it’s hard to imagine there is more worthy than George Orwell’s essay “1984.” In his insightful, brilliant and unforgettable essay, he invites us to think about how we might deal with the world’s challenges, and how we can aid ourselves in the process. This topic is timely for our current times. As the world becomes more complicated and unpredictable, we need be more cautious in how we respond to it.

Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean, a journalist for more than thirty years is well-known for her curiosity and her ability to make fascinating stories. Her style of writing is known for its focus on detail and her humorous sense of humor. Her writings have appeared in The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Willamette Week, and The Boston Phoenix. The place she currently lives is Los Angeles. In the past, she was in Portland, Cleveland, and Boston.

Her most famous work is The Orchid Thief, her book. It was adapted into a Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze film in 2002. The essay is credited with being the inspiration for the title of the film.

Ian Frazier

Frazier is a writer at the New Yorker magazine and has published many books. His work is an observation of American life as well as entertaining. Lamentations of the Father is an example of his exploration of his family’s history and the history of the United States.

Ian Frazier’s writing is full of humor and wit. His essays are a mix of pop-culture and literary criticism. They also contain a blend of fantasy and reality.

For instance, “Canal Street” is one of the most compelling piece of writing about New York. It’s like a story of Colson Whitehead’s The Colossus of New York.

Freud’s disillusionment

The essay Why War? shows Freud’s disillusionment with the modern world.composed six months after the start of the First World War. The essay suggests that war is not an isolated phenomenon. It is intrinsically linked to modern morality.

Disillusionment is the result of a discrepancy between the expectations and the reality of the state. The modern world is devoid of a sense of death. Human reason must compete with deep instinctive drives. Society must disengage citizens from these instincts.

Freud’s work does not just provide commentary on the current state of affairs but also reflects his overall concern for Jewishness. This is evident in the last chapter of the work that focuses on Moses.

Orwell’s essay

George Orwell wrote hundreds of essays during his life time. His writings covered philosophy as well as politics and language. To support his ideas the author relied on evidence.

In his writings, Orwell focuses on poverty. Orwell believes that poverty is caused by the systemic causes that cause people to be involved in degrading jobs. Although many of his readers will disagree with his assertions however, he is a significant contribution to the discussion on the best ways to combat poverty.

Orwell also addresses nationalists. He believes that a nation’s beliefs about its own nationality have a powerful influence on how people perceive it. For example, he believes that English has an intense sense of guilt in relation to poverty.

James Baldwin

James Baldwin is a celebrated American writer of numerous plays, novels and essays. His lucid and insightful descriptions of the African American experience have been highly acknowledged. Although he was not well accepted by his peers during the Civil Rights movement, he was nevertheless able to help in the development of the movement.

Baldwin For instance, Baldwin writes in No Name in the Street about his struggle to keep the hope alive after the assassination Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This piece is a candid look at the plight of the nation’s blacks by the Black Freedom movement.

Carl Sagan

Most people will answer the question “Cosmos by Carl Sagan” when have a glance at this site asked what the best essay is in America. It was the top-selling science book in English, and it was broadcast across the globe and attracted hundreds of millions of viewers.

“Cosmos” was first aired on the Public Broadcasting Service in 1980. It was for a long period the most watched television program in the United States.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence was among the main themes of the show. Carl Sagan believed there were numerous extraterrestrial civilizations. He was the co-designer of messages from Earth onboard the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft.

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