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You’ve probably heard the terms dark web and Tor used in the media, but accessing them isn’t as hazardous as it sounds. It’s actually quite simple to get started.

The dark web is a collection of pages that aren’t indexable by search engines like Google. The dark web is the part of the Internet that contains data and information that could otherwise be kept secret. For instance, email inboxes online banking logins, online banking inboxes and Google Drive folders live on the deep click here to find out more web. They aren’t visible to users using a regular browser.

There are many other websites on the dark web which serve legitimate purposes. For instance, the website SecureDrop is a dark web site that permits whistleblowers and other whistleblowers to disclose sensitive information to news organizations in a confidential manner. There are sites that help people buy and sell stolen credentials like passwords, credit card numbers and social security numbers. These are referred to as “marketplaces. The most well-known examples are Silk Road, AlphaBay and numerous others.

Tor is the primary way to access the dark web. It routes your connection via a variety of free servers that are scattered around the globe. This makes it impossible for anyone to trace you. The name “Tor” is derived from its fact that the data it encrypts is layered, like the layers of pizza. This protects the privacy of users.

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