There’s so much to learn about backend web development and it’s hard to find out where to start. With so many books out there to learn backend development, the readers are left confused deciding which one to buy. Here, we have reviewed a list of six excellent books for backend developers. We are looking for an experienced PHP Backend Engineer (m/f/d) in full-time to help us build the foundation to Matchory’s data-driven platform. Together with a cross-functional team you shape the core of our software stack by delivering top-notch code and solid architecture. You will be responsible for extending our web API, building innovative data processing applications, and integrate with various services.

PHP Back-End Engineer

We love the Cloud — Most of our products are based on Cloud native architecture. You’ll get the chance to work on some of the latest approaches in modern app development. You’re highly productive while writing quality code — We release updates regularly.

Team Size

You may even need to do recruitment outreach on social platforms like Reddit or LinkedIn. In turn, you want your back-end engineer to be not only a good engineer, but they should fit in with the company culture as well. For instance, if a customer wants to make a purchase through your website, but prefers to use their PayPal account, back-end engineers can make that happen, via APIs of course.

A must-have skill to crack a backend developer interview is to be good at Object-Oriented Programming Languages. You don’t necessarily need to have a stronghold on multiple languages. Backend developer interview questions usually test your knowledge in Python, Java, Ruby, or PHP. API modeling, or Application Program Interface, is a key area in backend development. API modeling also extensively features in technical interviews, mostly in systems design interviews. Landing a backend developer job at a leading tech company isn’t very easy.

PHP Back-End Engineer

We are looking for engineers who are passionate about solving complex problems and building platforms, keeping scalability and accuracy in mind. The book includes real-world examples and explains all the basics and advanced concepts of java like JavaBeans, servlets, applets, swing and Java 8 APIs as well. To help you in selecting a well-structured and latest book for backend developers, we have narrowed it down to the top best books for backend developers. In this article, we have put the spotlight on the best books for backend developers through a collection of book reviews. Each book review will highlight the taste of the book, the contents covered, and how it can benefit you. Backend programming languages have strong and thriving community support.

Senior Full Stack Engineer

You will find great learning resources online to polish your skills. Being a back-end engineer at Clique is all about problem solving and adaptability. We leverage open source CMSs like WordPress to give our clients ultimate control over their applications. In any given week, you’ll work on several different applications, all in various stages and with different team members.

As a Back End Developer your primary focus will be developing the API which powers the web and mobile applications. You will be working alongside product managers, UI/UX designers, back-end and front-end developers to ensure the timely delivery of secure, accessible, highly performant and robust features. Due to the fast-paced and collaborative nature of the software development team, our ideal candidate will also need excellent teamwork and communication skills. Interview Kickstart offers a comprehensive backend interview preparation course focused on helping engineers crack backend developer interviews at FAANG+ companies. Your knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases is tested at backend developer interviews.

Design patterns are powerful and essential for any programmer of an object-oriented language. When you know these common solutions to problems, you can communicate more effectively and in a short-hand way. If you want to boost your career opportunities and income, you can get tons of job opportunities by learning back-end development. All data collected in our application process from resume collection to application questions is used for recruitment purposes only. We will store it in our applicant tracking system, JazzHR, and will not share this data with anyone else.

PHP Back-End Engineer

There are opportunities to develop UI elements in React yourself, so a basic understanding of front-end technologies (Angular.js, ReactJS, CSS, and web components) is desirable. We are looking for an experienced software engineer to join our BackEnd team. The BackEnd team is responsible for building and managing large distributed components that run the game. We handle everything from authentication, promotions to data storage and analytics.

What’s Something Quirky About Your Company?

Your knowledge of algorithms and data structures is another key area tested at backend developer interviews at FAANG+ companies. DSA concepts feature in multiple rounds of coding interviews (technical phone screen and the on-site interview) and are a fundamental method to test your problem-solving skills. If you’re getting few results, try a more general search term.

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  • Check out Trio’s article on writing a back-end developer job description for more insight on how a detailed job listing should look like.
  • To put it one way, some programming languages are better equipped than others.
  • You’ll get the chance to work on some of the latest approaches in modern app development.

So whatever floats your boat, we are here to hear your needs. Salary ranges are determined by industry research and trends. Individual salaries are based on skills, experience, and geographical location. Compensation is reviewed on a regular basis and adjustments are made accordingly. You will execute projects, fix bugs, write tests, reduce technical debt, and maintain our documentation.

great Security Measures For The Developers

The digital world is thriving and back-end developers are in hot demand. If you need an accommodation to be successful in our hiring process, please email us. Work closely with the product team to understand requirements and timelines. Kilo Health is an investor and creator of over 15+ global digital health products.

However, the server-side is more concerned with the data and internal systems of the software. A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup gives novice programmers a meaningful overview of C++ language, some key examples, and practical help in getting started. Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts with other members of the team and with external business partners & customers. By filling out this form, you agree with the processing of your personal data by Kilo Health.

The above points specify the typical backend engineer roadmap and the skills you need to acquire to become an accomplished backend developer. Back-end engineers are an essential player for any software development team. You also need to know where to find software developers and engineers in the wide range of job networks that exist.

If you’re getting irrelevant result, try a more narrow and specific term. API modeling is yet another must-have skill evaluated in backend developer interviews. Backend developers are expected to have a thorough knowledge of APIs, as they enable interactions between clients and servers.

Formstack is a remote-first company with team members who live and work across the U.S., Canada, and the globe. We offer more than just a job; we provide a community where you can learn, grow, and thrive your way. Join a dynamic and diverse team that values relationships as much as results. Team based organisation — We are organised in teams, working on specific projects or topics for a longer time.

What Makes Best Backend Development Books?

You’ll notice that job listings for back-end engineers tend to be higher than similar listings for back-end developers. In front-end development, alternatively called client-side development, developers build user interfaces , and ultimately tailor the visual makeup of the software. Head First Design Patterns is one of the most popular and praised books in the Head First series — and it has a fresh 2021 edition.

The book is recommended not just for beginners but for anyone who has a vague understanding of the language and wants to polish his/her C++ programming. For more best books on algorithms, see these top 5 books in algorithms. To reach that goal, the information is well organized and explained. Chapter 5 covers algorithms related to streams such as string sort, tries, substring search, data compression, and regular expressions. Back-end developers are paid more as compared to front-end developers.

Php Backend Engineer Jobs

Applying power patterns is the best way to find optimal solutions to new problems and boost your problem-solving skills. The next step in the Backend developer roadmap involves getting good with a programming language of your choice, typically an Object-Oriented Programming PHP Back-End Engineer job Language. Learn the quirks of the language and the characteristics of its runtime, memory model, and more. Collaborate with CloudOps and Product team members to improve systems data collection for observability, logging and application performance monitoring purposes.

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